Meet the Duo

Z. A. Ispharazi

Co-founder & Editor

I’m the author of the Oaql Seed: Book One of the Treeboat Series and Ica’s Tale, the first two novels in a five part speculative fiction series. Creative writing and the editing process associated with getting to the final draft of a book is my specialty.

My foundation is in ethnographic fieldwork in Peru that was supported by a degree in anthropology from SUNY New Paltz. Now I’m an applicant to medical school as a post-bacc student, and so, research papers, citations, and formatting are all part of my job as well!

As writers, we recognize the value of teamwork to manifest an author’s best work.


Asud Shirazi

Co-founder & Editor

I originally started writing stories as a teenager, not realizing then that I had discovered a tool to better understand myself and others. My first full manuscript was the coming of age narrative of a young boy reuniting the fractured pieces of his life to live a more authentic and honest existence. 

This budding passion led to study at Johns Hopkins University, where I graduated with a degree in Medicine, Science, and the Humanities with concentrations in English and Art History. Over those formative years my interest in creative writing matured into a deep appreciation of academic and historical “storytelling”. After undergrad, I joined the Center for American Indian Health where I worked as a Training Associate and Budget Specialist, gaining experience in grant and budget proposal development, writing for publications, and business communication.